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Established in 2010, PT. Gavra Bisma Unggul started as a pioneering company to help logistics companies, with helping people who have difficulty exporting and importing, suchlike problems with licensing requirements and documents, until the process reaches the customer's last destination.

We are the Largest Shipment Business
Extends to Asia and Europe

Our export-import shipping network has collaborated with various companies that connect national and international strategic commodity trades. We always contribute professionally and impressively for the ease of sending or receiving goods to your hands.

The Flexibility of Terms and Process of Delivery of Goods
Accelerating the Mobilization of Goods with High-Profits
our services

We provide the best service from some of our services for upstream to downstream connections, up to strategic destinations in trade and business, such as:

Exporting Services

Exporting Services are our services for shipping goods that connect trade and business to international routes.

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Importing Services

Importing Services are our services for receiving incoming goods from abroad, for the distribution of domestic needed. 

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Local Trading

Local Trading is our service in the field of cross-national and foreign trade, up to business transactions on a local scale. 

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Our Attainment

The attainment that we have done is our best decision to establish a consistent and professional relationship with many clients, then that what has been producing can be measured with success in a timely and targeted manner, for the benefit of all.

Completed Projects
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